Other projects


Other projects

"Forget-me-not" - Coat hanger - organizer

A coat hanger can be more fun than a simple hock. It also can be flowers coming out of the wall. It still can be existing without coat and even be poetic. As such, it can also be simply decorative and give rise to floral combinations."Forget-me-not" is a set of clothes-hooks, the petals bent so that articles can be hung from them. 


Material: polycarbonate
Size: 350 x 280 x 30 mm
Year: 2007
Client: Koziol
Colors: white, black, red
How to buy : www.Koziol.de

Orchid Placemat

Placemat are often a rigid square while mealtime is a moment of exchange between people. Orchid is a tablewear collection designed around the principle of repetition of a four petals flower. The placemat and coaster’s pattern is reminiscent of lace and offers multiple possibilities of superposition. The object can also be used as a decoration on the table and gives free rein to creativity. Customers can make their own associations of shape and colors.

Material: polypropylene
Size: 52 x 36 cm
Year: 2009
Client: Konstantin Slawinski
Colors: Black, white, red
How to buy : www.konstantinslawinski.com

Mudam's placemat

Mudam's placemat made of leftovers poster from the Museum of Modern Arts from Luxembourg.

The shape is inspirated by the typography of the museum.

Date: 2008

Conical Chair

A study of bending curves enabled the thickness of the structure to be reduced, which is the object's key element, so much so that in certain versions the seat itself tends to disappear. Conical chair is an object both modern in its construction and traditional in its form. The chairs are stackable and have a carrying handle.

Material: plywood and foam
Size: 520 x 550 x 800 mm
Date of creation: 2006
Prototype developped with the Belgian manufacturer G.Desmet
Credit picture: Studio 5K

Format 10/10 - Accoustic wall covering

Format 10/10 is a wall covering made of felt and fabrics inspired by the typology of the ceramic tiles. The customer can chose or make is one composition as a big pixel with differents textures and colors. 


Material: felt and Kvadrat fabrics
Size: 10 x 10 cm
Year: 2008
Self production
Colors: on demand
How to buy :